I strive to offer unique, differentiating recordings for my clients in all of the genre I voice and authoritative, knowledgeable reads for pharmaceutical, medical, technical and scientific projects from my background understanding of complex language and material. My vocal timbre works well for documentaries and short form narration for travel, technical and corporate and business content. And, many find  a naturally soft, low tone intimate read, well . . . suggestively seductive.  To view my VO resume and studio equipment click here. 

Long-form narration and documentary material are decidedly "in his wheelhouse."  He handles corporate and industrial copy effortlessly.  With his wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical business, long phrases and complicated words are delivered with knowledge and assurance."

Red Door Voiceover offers a variety of voice over genres to clients.  Post-production-ready recordings are available from my studio in Malibu, California. Live sessions are available from my studio or selected studios in the LA area. My clients will always receive quick turnaround on auditions; immediate follow up on all projects; two free priority edits, pick-ups and retakes; and on-time project completion delivered in in the format of their choice, MP3 or WAV files.  To view my VO resume and studio equipment click here.

​​"IT'S a big voicE: rich and resonant."

Douglass Lane, Voice Actor

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"Adult, middle-aged male with the Midwest unaccented American English Delivery" is how my voice is typically defined. But here's how industry professionals describe it:

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"It’s a big voice, rich and resonant.  His vocal range spans from your user friendly, everyday guy-up-the-street to the sophistication of a Park Ave exec. His voice is commanding without being imposing and as comfortable as your favorite arm chair, you will want to curl up with his textured tones. 

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