Welcome to Red Door Voiceover

Douglass Lane, Voice Actor

Red Door Voiceover

This is the official site for Red Door Voiceover, located in Malibu, California. Whether I'm in the studio, off to a recording session, or finding new and better ways to serve my valuable clients, this is where you can get the latest info on my voice over activities.  To hear and see my demos just knock (click) on the Red Door and come on in.

So, why the 'Red Door'?​​ 

There is something particularly unique about businesses that choose to welcome​ patrons through a red door.  You can expect something very special inside: truly "bespoke" goods and services custom made for each client, always delivered with outstanding quality, uncompromised service, and absolute commitment to customer satisfaction.  These are the same values I want each of my clients to experience from Red Door Voiceover.  What better front door for my clients to enter than the 'Red Door' of Red Door Voiceover.  

​​​Welcome to Red Door Voiceover  .  .  .